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Future Proof Your Rifle with a Modular Rifle Chassis

modular rifle chassis

It seems that every gun owner has that one rifle that never quite lives up to its potential. The solution lies with modular rifle chassis and in this article, we’ll explain why. Whether you’re more of a target shooter, hunter, basement tinkerer, collector, or some other breed of firearm enthusiast, chances are that over the years you’ve ended up with a rifle or two that, unfortunately, does little more than collect dust anymore. You know what I mean – the one that shoots straight and feeds true round after round, but leaves a little to be desired in terms of modern, high tech fit and functionality. Sure, it’s probably occurred to you to take it down to the gunsmith’s shop and have some custom work done, but who has the cash for that? So, is it a lost cause? Could it be that there is just no cost effective way to open up the possibilities for upgrading your rifle? Think again! Setting up your long gun with a state of the art Rifle Chassis will give your rifle all the options of a modern tactical weapon platform. Thanks to their relatively recent appearance on the consumer market, hobbyists everywhere have been eagerly picking up chassis and going to work adapting their classic single action rifles for the future. If this sounds like the solution for you, then you should have a look at a few of the hottest new models available at Kinetic Research Group (KRG).

KRG produces only the highest quality parts, made by their excellent product designers, and it shows in their range of top of the line modular rifle chassis. One of their focuses is on the Remington 700 – a classic rifle that lacks some of the amenities of today’s more modern weapons, it is, nonetheless, a beloved favorite of many enthusiasts and thus has become one of the most popular rifles for chassis upgrades today. KRG offers not one but three different options for the Remington 700; the Bravo, the X-Ray, and the Whiskey-3 chassis and are tailor made to meet that demand. Lightweight, adjustable, and sporting attachment points for compatibility with a huge selection of aftermarket accessories (as well as standardized magazines), they have each been developed to meet a set of different needs so that anyone from the backyard plinker to the precision sharpshooter can turn a run of the mill 700 into their ideal rifle.

But that’s not the only model KRG offers modular rifle chassis for. Owners of several popular series of rifles will find a compelling reason to think about stepping up to a new chassis, including the Savage short action, for which they offer the 180-Alpha. This one in particular aims to rectify one of the most common and hard to address problems that faces virtually any firearm on the market: weight. After all, who hasn’t wished their rifle were a couple pounds lighter after a hot day of lugging it around? Well, wish no more, for the 180-Alpha weighs in at a staggeringly low 3.5 pounds! No, that’s not a typo; you read that right folks – that’s lighter than some handguns! But, just because it’s low on weight don’t think they’ve shaved off features as well, the 180-Alpha is as feature heavy as the rest of their line, with as much modularity and adjustability as you could ask for.

So, if you’re still thinking how good that run of the mill rifle would look with a nice composite stock, or how it would feel to be able to take it back to the range and dime in on that bullseye like never before, have a look through KRG’s catalog of modular rifle chassis online today – you might just find the perfect one for you!