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How to Choose a Rifle Scope?

Most people use some type of optical sighting device on their guns, whether they’re using a shotgun, handgun, or rifle. The major reason for using a sighting device is for simplicity. However, if you are new to firearms, then you can be overwhelmed by the large selection of scopes on the market.

Here are three tips for choosing the right rifle scope for your needs.

How to choose a rifle scope

1. Don’t go overboard on the magnification. Rifle scope magnification is similar to the magnification on a camera. There is fixed power and variable power. Fixed power is when the scope only has one magnification, while variable power allows the user to choose from a range. If you are shooting something that is less than 100 yards away, go for 1-4x magnification. If it is less than 200 yards away, select 5-8x, and if it is greater than 200 yards, then 9-12x is best.

2. Get the right objective lens for your needs. The more objective lens you have, the clearer and brighter your image will be. When looking at your scope numbers, the first number is the magnification, and the second number is the objective lens. If you strictly hunt close range, you can go with a 28 mm or less. If you are doing medium- to long-range, 30-44mm is best, and if you are a long-range exclusively, then 50mm and above is best.

3. Select the right scope reticle. The last thing to be aware of is the scope reticle. The reticle is the crosshair you see, and it can make shooting easier or harder. If you are a hunter or target shooter, a duplex reticle is the simplest. If you only use your firearm for life-and-death situations, you want to go with the Mildot reticle because it can help estimate the target’s distance. Lastly, the BDC reticle is for a long-range shooter, and it helps adjust for bullet drop.

Other things to be aware of our focal planes, turrets, and eye relief. Get second focal plane. Make sure the turrets on your scope are loud and reliable. You can find that in the reviews of the rifle scope you’re considering. Also, don’t forget to consider eye relief, which is the distance between your eye and the lens you look through. The best amount of eye relief is 3.5-4 inches.

These are just some of the things to consider when purchasing a rifle scope for your firearm.