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How to Get Into Rifle Shooting

Precision shooting has grown in popularity over the last couple of years in the United States. If you have been interested in shooting a precision match, it may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you have never shot at anything past 150 yards.

Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get into precision rifle shooting because all you have to do is find a one-day club match that you can join. They usually cost under $100, and even if you haven’t practiced, there will be plenty of more experienced shooters there that can help you at every stage. The community is very welcoming to new shooters, and because a new person is unlikely to win, most seasoned shooters do not have a problem helping them.

Plenty of YouTube videos and podcasts talk about technique and equipment, and they can help prepare you for what to expect from your first match and beyond.

When it comes to equipment, you tend to get what you pay for. Up to a point, the amount of money spent on your rifle and optics do make a difference. Some people even spend $3000-$5000 on custom-built rifles.

If you want to get in some practice before going to a rifle match, practice dry firing from various locations. Precision rifle matches require you to shoot from multiple positions, so the best practice is to prepare for the unique positions you may encounter. Otherwise, the next best way to get better at precision shooting is to enter as many matches as you can.

When you go to a match, you will get a book that tells you how far away your targets are, so you will know how to adjust your scope for each station. However, what separates a good shooter from a great shooter is being able to make wind calls and knowing how to shoot from different positions. All of this comes with practice, so whether you choose to dry fire or fire with ammunition, it’s going to take plenty of time spent with your gun to become a great precision shooter.