CZ-455 Chassis


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*CZ-455 chassis now accepts Timney trigger without modification.

**Not compatible with CZ-457, but we are working on CZ-457 specific chassis.

***Magazine is not included.

General Info for CZ-455 Chassis

If you enjoy rimfire matches or plinking, or want a trainer rifle set up similar in feel to your long range rifle, our CZ-455 .22 chassis is what you need!

We start with a lightweight front end that is comfortable and has a machined aluminum bedding surface for your action.  For the back end, you can choose between our modular buttstocks. That means that you can get the CZ chassis with the lightweight polymer X-ray back end (CZ-Xray), the fixed or folding Whiskey-3 back end (CZ-Whiskey) or the popular and low cost Bravo rear (CZ-Bravo)!

The CZ-455 chassis provides you with the excellent ergonomics and adjustability of our other chassis while offering the different configuration options to tailor the weight and cost to suit your needs. You can go from high end folding stock with tool-less adjustments all the way to a lightweight entry level setup.  Of course accessories and mounting options are important so we made sure that there were as many options as possible.

The CZ chassis uses the factory CZ-455 magazine.

Fits: CZ-455

Weight: ~3.2lbs w/ Bravo or X-ray buttstock

$449 for CZ-Bravo, (Bravo back end)
$599 for CZ-Xray, (X-Ray back end)
$899/$1299 for CZ-Whiskey, (Whiskey-3 fixed/folding back end)

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