General Information

The ACR PDW stock is an excellent rear stock option for your ACR. It gives you collapsible stock functionality and looks with a couple nice twists thrown in:

- Replaces your standard ACR buttstocks quickly and easily using the two standard takedown pins.

- Gives you length-of-pull adjustment range of about 5.25" from a short 7.6" to 12.9" in 3/4" increments.

- Provides for you an actual cheekpiece which is unusual for a PDW stock, and it's even height adjustable.

- You won't experience the loose fit and rattling found on old school PDW stocks as the locking mechanism has a cam which removes that.

- One built in QD mount point for your sling mounting and room for a second optional one to be added.

The KRG PDW stock for the ACR gives you a unique and useful upgrade to your ACR carbine!

Fits: Bushmaster ACR

Restrictions: None

Weight: 1.25lb

Material: Aluminum, polymer, nitrided steel

Made by KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations

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