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Replacing Your Tikka T3 Stock with a Chassis?

Established in 1893, the Tikkakoski factory in Finland started manufacturing gun parts as early as 1918. In 1981, Tikkakoski and SAKO worked together to create a prototype rifle series that combined both traditional gunsmith expertise with advanced technology. Growing in popularity, the Tikka rifle has stood the test of time and has become a leading tool for precision shooting within the industry.

The founders of KRG (Kinetic Research Group) were longtime fans of the Tikka T3 rifle but felt that the factory stock could use some adjusting to provide a more comfortable shooting experience. They developed three designs to replace the Tikka T3 Stock with a modular chassis system that provides a more personalized and ergonomic shooting experience.

A traditional stock replacement is more difficult than doing one with a chassis system. Normally, a stock is a single piece made out of wood, fiberglass, Kevlar, or carbon fiber that cannot be taken apart or adjusted very much to meet certain personalized requirements. A replacement stock generally needs to be properly bedded in order to achieve consistency. Although it is possible to do this yourself, it does require a bit of skill in order to get a stress-free installation that provides reliable results from shot to shot. Therefore, many shooters turn to a gunsmith for proper installation.

In contrast, a chassis is typically made of aluminum and doesn’t require bedding. By replacing a Tikka T3 stock with a chassis system, you get a design that is purpose-built to support the action without the need for bedding; simply screw it in place. In terms of customization, a chassis system generally allows for more adjustments and modularity than a traditional stock. KRG offers three options if you are looking for a Tikka chassis: Bravo, Whiskey-3, and X-Ray. Each is compatible with the Tikka T3, T3x, and T3x CTR in short action calibers and uses AICS pattern magazines. However, it is recommended that you use metal mags; polymer mags do not work with the Tikka because the feedlips are too wide to fit all the way into the receiver.

Bravo Chassis If you want something more affordable, out of the three options, the Bravo Chassis is the way to go. With a price range of $349 – $499, this chassis features a modular design with a precisely machined bedding area, making your barreled action installation a snap. Weighing in at just 2.9lbs it the lightest chassis in its price range. It is also one of the most comfortable chassis available and offers the ergonomic adjustments needed to fit each individual user. Get the correct length of pull with the user adjustable spacer stack system. Each Bravo chassis ships with three spacers giving you adjustments from roughly 12.8” to 14” straight from the box. It’s possible to go even longer with additional spacers, which are available in the accessory section of the website.

X-Ray Chassis The X-Ray Chassis is a step up from the Bravo. At a slightly higher cost of $549 – $614, the X-Ray gives you all the benefits of a chassis with a variety of mounting points for various accessories. It features an adjustable cheekpiece that can be quickly removed and reinstalled for cleaning the barrel or removing the bolt. This chassis is made from aluminum and reinforced polymer that offers a lightweight design and virtually eliminates heat transfer. It tips the scales at just 3.1lbs making it another incredibly lightweight option for the discerning shooter. The X-Ray uses the same adjustable length of pull spacer system as the Bravo, but has the added benefit of built in butt pad height adjustment. Another great feature is you will have the choice of two different sizes of interchangeable grip panels. If you’re not sure which is right for you, KRG recommends the large panels for generally work well for people who wear large to extra large gloves and the small panels for people that wear medium and under.

Whiskey-3 Chassis The third and most high-end chassis available that’s compatible with the Tikka T3 is the Whiskey-3 Chassis. With a price point of $899 – $1,299, this option is more expensive than the Bravo and X-Ray but is one the premier chassis available for precision shooting. It offers an ergonomic design that provides the user with tool-less adjustments and plenty of attachment points for various accessories. It ships with both large and small grip panels, which are the same type used on the X-Ray chassis. The Whiskey-3 weighs 3.8lbs for the fixed version and 4.1lbs for the folder.

KRG is committed to developing top tier products for precision rifle shooters to enjoy. If you’re looking to replace your Tikka T3 stock with a high-quality chassis system, head on over to the website or contact them today and let them help give you the best shooting experience possible.