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Shopping for the Perfect Chassis

If you’re an avid shooter and you go to a store or browse a website trying to find the perfect rifle, you don’t just want any old regular rifle. Sure, you can go to Walmart and pick-out a rifle that might get the job done, but that rifle you buy from Walmart will be limited in what it offers. For an experienced shooter looking to take full advantage of their investment, you’ll want to look into other avenues in order to get a rifle that can be fully customized to fit all of your needs. One option worth considering is buying a rifle chassis that gives you a modular design for an ergonomic rifle that won’t disappoint.

The chassis you are imagining probably gives you the ability to fit the rifle to you and not the other way around. When shooting or competing in the long-range discipline you might be interested in incorporating a bipod, or connecting a sling for easy carry. Whatever you desire, you can find. Our staff at Kinetic Research Group, also known as KRG, can offer you just what you are looking for. Established in 2005, KRG started out as a group of Army Special Forces soldiers who wanted to create an evolutionary design that would satisfy their professional and sporting needs. We take what has always worked in the gun industry and transform problems that arise into innovative, quality solutions.

For a modular, ergonomic design that fits short action Savage chassis, KRG’s 180-Alpha Chassis is the ideal choice. Before exploring the features this rifle chassis has to offer, let’s look at the two chassis KRG used in creating the hybrid 180-Alpha: Whiskey-3 and X-Ray.

Whiskey-3 Chassis As KRG’s flagship chassis, the Whiskey-3 allows for numerous types of accessories to be added to the many attachment points. It is made from high-quality materials for an ergonomic, lightweight chassis that gives its users adjustability options. When rifles were first created, they were made to help soldiers on the battlefield. Not much thought was put into the different types of people who would be using these rifles; they were all made alike with the same features and standards and did not allow for any adjustability. Now, it’s been a long time since the first rifles were made and things have changed. For example, the Whiskey-3 offers an adjustable length of pull (LOP), buttpad height, and cant, so that each rifle can be adjusted to fit the shooter. But it doesn’t stop there, the Whiskey-3 sports on-the-fly adjustable cheekpiece height and multiple fore and aft positions. The more comfortable the gun fits against you, the better chance you have of hitting your target. As an added bonus, we offer the Whiskey-3 in a left-handed configuration in order to fit an often over looked group of shooters.

X-Ray Chassis The X-Ray is KRG’s mid-level chassis, which comes in at a lower cost and lighter weight than the ergonomically similar Whiskey-3, but uses a spacer stack system for the LOP adjustment, as well as a molded backend. The X-Ray also offers the use of AICS magazines and includes a variety of mounting points for slings, barriers, etc. Made from a hybrid aluminum and polymer chassis, the X-Ray offers an ergonomic design that is similar to the Whiskey-3 at a more affordable cost. And like all of KRG’s chassis it incorporates a built in detachable mag system so that there is no need to have one installed by a gunsmith.

180-Alpha Chassis KRG’s 180-Alpha Chassis is a hybrid between the Whiskey-3 Chassis and the X-Ray Chassis. Created to work with Savage centerfire rifles, this Savage Chassis features Savage short action side-bolt release with a fixed back-end like the Whiskey-3, but with the same spacer system as the X-Ray. It’s got an aluminum backbone section with a shorter length giving it a lighter weight at 3.5 pounds. Its fore-end features built-in sling mount attachments with the ability to attach a night vision cap on top. With blended features from the Whiskey-3 and X-Ray, the 180-Alpha is KRG’s Savage Chassis to look out for.

Whether you are looking to invest in a rifle chassis or looking for tools to better accessorize your chassis, KRG can help. We stand by our products and accept any and all feedback to ensure that we are creating the best possible products to fit everyone’s wants and needs. If you already know what you’re looking for, head on over to our website and choose one of our durable, attractive, and innovative designs that are sure to get you excited to shoot. If you’re still unsure, browse our website or contact us for more information. Our staff is fully knowledgeable on all the gun industry has to offer allowing us to give you fully informed advice to help lead you in the right direction!