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The Four Rules of Firearm Safety

No matter how you get into shooting firearms, following gun safety rules is a necessity. These rules are designed to keep people safe when practicing, and because many people purchase guns for safety, obeying basic gun safety rules is a must.

There are four major rules of gun safety, and they are easy to remember.

The Four Rules of Firearm Safety

1.Treat every gun as if it were a loaded one. First, it’s best to treat every gun like it is loaded. Even if you’ve checked and rechecked it, the best method is to assume that it is loaded and be respectful. Let’s face it. You don’t treat an empty gun like a loaded one.

2.Never point your gun at something you’re not willing to destroy. Next, guns aren’t toys, and they shouldn’t be played with. To this point, you should only point a gun at something that you are willing to shoot. Take care to make sure your gun is always pointed in safe directions at all times.

3.Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. The best way to prevent an accidental discharge is to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Instead, keep your trigger finger aligned with the barrel.

4.Be aware of your target and what’s past it. Finally, it’s not enough to be mindful of your target. You must be aware of what is around your target as well. It’s important to realize that other targets may be hit even if you have the best aim.

These are the four major firearm rules, but there are other ways to stay safe, including checking if a firearm is loaded, wearing the correct protection every time you shoot, and using the correct ammunition for your gun.

Firearms can be a fun recreational activity, but firearm accidents can be deadly. Following these four rules can greatly reduce the chances of a mishap while you’re practicing with your gun.