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Want To Improve Your Precision Shooting?

Precision shooting is more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. Those who enjoy the challenge of achieving the most difficult shots are immediately attracted to higher quality rifles, and a good chassis can make a total difference in the shooting experience. When you’ve realized that a traditional stock just isn’t going to cut it any longer, it’s time to weigh your options. Luckily for you, Kinetic Research Group (KRG) has the best rifle chassis around. From the Howa 1500 Chassis, to the Whiskey-3 Chassis, and anywhere in between, we offer a variety of fantastic products that fit different shooters’ needs.

Why Kinetic Research Group? KRG was created in 2005 by active duty Army Special Forces soldiers who wanted to use their expertise from the field to develop quality rifle accessories. The founding members have all benefited from OIF/OEF deployments as well as substantial small arms training, and some have additionally held the role of instructor. Shooting enthusiasts since they were young, the founders wanted to combine their love of precision rifles with their desire to create a more comfortable user experience.

Which Rifle Chassis Is Right For Me? KRG rifle chassis are well known for their ergonomics and ease of use. For instance, in most cases you won’t need a gunsmith to fit the rifle into the chassis, and no bedding is required since the built-in detachable mag system eliminates the need for a gunsmith to install that expensive bottom metal.

All KRG rifle chassis are high quality, ergonomic, and exhibit great functionality. While we believe any chassis in our line will make the user happy, some may fit certain lifestyles better than others.

For those who desire a well-designed chassis without any frills, the new Bravo is a delight to use. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and inexpensive without sacrificing quality. The design is simple but thoughtful and allows the shooter to experience the type of products that KRG has to offer without breaking the bank.

If you prefer a pistol grip style chassis and want a little more flexibility out of the box, the X-Ray Chassis may be what you’re looking for. This hybrid aluminum and polymer chassis includes essential features and classic KRG ergonomics, all at a low price.

Though our biggest sellers are chassis for Remington 700s and Tikka T3s, many of our customers have requested products for their favorite rifles, and we listened. For the Savage fans, we developed the 180-Alpha Chassis, and for those who prefer a .22 trainer or Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard rifles, we offer the 180-Xray Chassis. Like the classic X-Ray Chassis, these products provide excellent ergonomics, several configuration choices, and multiple accessories and mounting options.

If you’d prefer to upgrade to the chassis that put KRG on the map, consider selecting the Whiskey-3. Designed as another Howa 1500 chassis, the Whiskey-3 provides the utmost in durability and comfort; this high-end chassis provides an enviable shooting experience. Tool-less length of pull, buttpad height, and cant allow you to tailor the fit of the chassis to you and not the other way around. These features along with the numerous accessories available, result in a chassis that is endlessly customizable. The Whiskey-3 is available as a fixed or folded chassis and also has a left-handed option.

Can Kinetic Research Group Help? Whether you’re new to precision rifle shooting or you’re a long-time shooting enthusiast looking to improve your setup, KRG can steer you towards the perfect product. If you’re looking for a Howa 1500 Chassis or a Tikka T3 Stock, KRG has the best models to meet your needs. Our customer service is always eager to help, and we have the history and expertise to guide you. If you’re not sure which of our products could improve your shooting, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you make the right decision. We care about our customers’ experience just as much as we care about the quality of our products, and that is quite a lot. Take a look through our catalog, and let’s see what KRG can do for you!