Do you have a LE or Mil discount?

We do provide discounts for Active Duty Military members, Veterans, and Purple Heart recipients as well as POST certified LEOs with PDs/SOs/Agencies. We just need a copy of your ID (you can take a picture or scan and email it to us).  Alternatively, Active Duty Military members may send us an email from their .mil account and Veterans can send a copy of their DD-214.

We will then send over the discount codes and you can order online. 

Does KRG make a Tikka T3 chassis that fits a magnum or long action calibers?

Unfortunately, our chassis will not fit the Tikka T3s in any of the long action calibers. There are compatibility issues between the receiver and long action AICS magazines.

Will the Bolt Lift fit other rifles?

The Bolt Lift is made specifically for the Remington 700 so it won’t fit perfectly on anything else. We have had customers install Bolt Lifts on Savage, Howa, and Mossberg rifles with some modification; however, KRG does not guarantee that it will work properly if modified.

Can I run a WSM in a Tikka T3 chassis?

In theory you should have no problem running a WSM in a T3 in our chassis. Both Alpha Industries and Accurate Mag make a WSM mag in the .308 AICS mag footprint.

Does KRG make a chassis for a left-handed Tikka T3?

We do not make a dedicated lefty Tikka T3 chassis, but we have designed our Whiskey-3 and X-Ray T3 chassis so that a decent gunsmith can make the modification easily. It would require cutting an inlet in the aluminum backbone and polymer grip panel for the bolt handle to lie in.

What are the differences between the X-Ray Gen 1 and Gen 2?

The changes from the X-Ray Gen 1 to Gen 2 Chassis are as follows:

Gen 1 Gen 2
V-block bedding Radius bedding (in Remington 700 SA chassis only) to better accommodate the factory Remington tang
Aluminum trigger guard Polymer trigger guard (in Remington 700 SA chassis only)
One-piece low-profile mag release Straight lever, tapped for accessory mag release buttons
1 position cheekpiece 6 position cheekpiece for more range of fore/aft adjustment

Will KRG chassis fit the Tikka T3 CTR?

Our Whiskey-3 and X-Ray chassis will fit the Tikka T3 CTR!  Keep in mind that it will then use AICS-type mags rather than the factory CTR mag.  We recommend the steel mags from AI (3901 or 3902) or Accurate Mag (00100-0007 or 00100-0009) with that setup.

Will KRG ship Bolt Lifts to Canada?

Fortunately, we are able to ship Bolt Lifts to Canada! Shipping is through USPS Priority – and can send up to 20 Bolt Lifts, without tins, for $30. Payment would need to be via Paypal.

To proceed, we would need to know your order, your PayPal email address, and your shipping address.

Will a Magpul 762 AC fit a Tikka T3?

The feed lips of the Magpul 762 AC mag are too thick to seat into the T3 (it’s designed for a Rem 700 SA).  This is why we recommend steel mags (AI or Accurate Mag) for use with the T3.  There have been forum posts by guys detailing how to file down an area of the Magpul’s feed lips to get the mag to seat fully.  We have not done it, but it is reported to work well.