Adjustable Mag Catch Trigger Guard



*Tikka SA CTR requires trigger guard disassembly to swap the magazine catch.

*DOES NOT use a washer on the rear action screw.

General Information

Adjusting the height of that stubborn magazine is now at your fingertips! Our new Adjustable Mag Catch Trigger Guard allows for up and down adjustment of your preferred AICS or AW mag for proper fit and feeding. Wether you have an AICS pattern rimfire mag that sits to low or can't get your wildcat cartridge to feed correctly, you now have the option to set the perfect feeding height with a simple twist of a hex wrench.

The Adjustable Mag Catch Trigger Guard can replace your current fixed trigger guard assembly on any Whiskey-3, X-Ray, and Bravo chassis with a Remington 700 long or short action inlet and Tikka T3 short action inlet. It is easy to install and adds 0.080" of "up" or 0.040" of "down" from the standard catch location. Made from aluminum for maximum durability. So be sure to give yourself some peace of mind for that next custom build!

Fits: Whiskey-3, X-ray, and Bravo Chassis for Remington 700SA/LA and Tikka T3SA.

Weight: 2.7oz

Material: 6061 aluminum

Made by KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations