Aluminum Machined Thumbscrew


General Information

Used on the 2019 and newer gen 6 Whiskey-3, these thumbscrews are a nicely machined out of aluminum and are a 4 blade type for better usability. They also have the KRG logo engraved for a nice visual touch or you can black them out for a stealthy look.

For the X-ray and Bravo this will replace the cheekpiece thumbscrew.

For your Whiskey-3, you can replace just the cheekpiece thumbscrew or get the full kit to replace the cheekpiece, Length-of-Pull, and buttpad height thumbscrews (Gen 6 only for the full kit)

Fits: Whiskey-3, Bravo, X-ray chassis, cheekpiece thumbscrew also fits 180-Alpha

Restrictions: This is for someone handy with tools and used to working on things. Full kit for W-3 only fits Gen 6 and newer

Weight: varies

Material: Aluminum with stainless steel screw

Made by KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations