Arca Spigot Mount


General Information

The Arca Spigot Mount is a modified version of the standard KRG Spigot Mount. It has an Arca rail cut into it so you can use all the various Arca clamps and items right on your KRG Spigot Mount. The Spigot Mount is one of our most popular accessories as it allows all kinds of mounting options for your Whiskey-3, X-ray, or Bravo chassis from NV mounts to sling mounts and more. Like the standard Spigot, it features a bolt-on installation into the slot at the front of the chassis.

Furthermore, the Arca Spigot can move a bipod closer to the bore by about an inch and further toward the muzzle approximately five inches from the regular chassis forend.

Fits: Whiskey-3 (gen 3 and later), X-ray, and Bravo chassis

Restrictions: **There are no provisions for mounting accessories (QD, Pic rail, etc...) on the 3 and 9 o'clock positions of the current version. Also the Arca Spigot does not fit a Sako TRG unless you get creative

Weight: 4.8oz

Material: 6061 Aluminum

Made by KRG

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