Bravo Cheekpiece R7LA/T3


General Information

This cheekpiece is for use on Bravo chassis for Remington 700LA and certain Tikka T3 applications. It has extra clearance over the standard cheekpiece for the bolt shroud on your rifle. This will open up more cheek height positions for your Rem 700LA Bravo. Tikka T3's sometimes come with a long action bolt stop regardless of caliber and that allows the bolt to travel further rearward, hitting the cheekpiece in some height settings. If that is the case for your rifle, this is what you need.

Fits: Bravo Chassis all inlets

Restrictions: Polymer cheekpiece only, no hardware is included

Weight: .2oz

Material: Polymer

Made by KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations

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