Echo Chassis



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Introductory pricing: $299

General Info for Echo Chassis

KRG proudly introduces the Echo Chassis for Tikka T3. Our first Tikka chassis specifically developed to be compatible with both short and long action cartridges. The Echo maintains the superior ergonomics of our popular Bravo chassis while further refining it with a thinner forend and fewer parts. The result is a streamlined lightweight chassis ideal for long range hunting and general-purpose use.

The Echo features a reinforced polymer unibody that feels great in the hand while limiting heat/cold transfer when conditions get harsh. Since this chassis is all about keeping things simple, it’s set up to take lighter profile barrels, requires no bedding, and allows you to use one chassis for both short and long action cartridges. So, whether you’re looking to bring our exceptional ergonomics to your factory Tikka, or you just want a solid platform on your next hunt, the KRG Echo Chassis will deliver the superior performance you've come to expect from KRG.