Enclosed Forend



*Not compatible with Spigot Mount.

*For CZ457 Bravo select Rem700 SA. For T1x Bravo select Tikka T3.

General Information

Enclosed Forend: It is sleek and comfortable, it is multi-functional yet light weight. Our Enclosed Forend replaces the existing forend on your Whiskey-3, X-Ray or Bravo chassis and provides the usefulness of a Spigot Mount, Night Vision mount, and forend.

You will enjoy multiple attachment points including standard KRG hole pattern and MLok. Since it's best to keep your scope as close to the boreline as possible, our Enclosed Forend has an area cut out over the barrel where you couldn't use rails anyway which allows for the scope objective to sit in a natural position.

No need for ultra-high or AR-15 rings with this one. For those who are fans of AR style tube forends on bolt guns, this will provide the function and form that you prefer but in a way that is more properly set up for a bolt gun.

A 1.250" straight barrel will fit barely so we recommend a smaller contour. Generally we recommend no larger than a Remington Varmint contour for balance and usability reasons.

Fits: Whiskey-3, X-Ray, and Bravo Chassis (centerfire and rimfire)

Available Inlets:

-Remington 700 SA

-Tikka (T3, T3x, CTR, T1x)

-Remington 700 LA (3.715" AICS Magazine only)

-Remington 700 LA (3.850" CIP-Length AICS Magazine only)

-Howa 1500 SA


Weight: 1.1 lb

Material: 6061 and Polymer

Made by KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations

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