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General Information

X-ray forend: Now you can purchase the X-ray forend separately to mount on a Whiskey-3 Chassis or as a spare for your X-ray Chassis. It will fit all generations of chassis and comes with mounting hardware. It will save 13oz over the standard aluminum forend that comes on the Whiskey-3 but you do lose the side mounting options and some of the bottom mounting options of the Whiskey-3 forend. There are still mounts for a sling/bipod stud (included) and an L2 rail in two places (not included) as well as our Barrier Stop and Tripod Mount.

Fits: All generations of Whiskey-3 and X-ray chassis.

Restrictions: Some mounting positions from the W3 forend are lost.

Weight: 5oz

Made by KRG. Material: Reinforced Polymer.