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*Receive $10 off each magazine (up to 5) with purchase of any chassis.

General Information

KRG Logo Mag: An AICS pattern short action magazine in 5 or 10 round versions. These are available with or without the restrictor plate which limits internal length (plate is standard on AICS mags from AI). The KRG logo is embossed on the floor plate for a nice aesthetic touch.

Fits: All KRG chassis, most any rifle/chassis that takes AICS magazines

Restrictions: For standard Remington 700 and clones, order the version with restrictor plate. For a Tikka T3 or modified Rem 700, you can order version without the restrictor plate which opens up the OAL inside the mag about .085".

Weight: 7oz for 10rd version

Made by Accurate Mag for KRG. Material: N/A