Midas 2-Stage Trigger


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General Information

Midas 2-Stage Trigger: The Midas trigger from KRG gives you that 2-Stage, fully adjustable goodness that you've been needing for your Tikka T3. The factory trigger is pretty decent, especially with a spring adjustment, but the Midas trigger takes your T3 to another level.

You won't feel like you're giving up much to a full blown TRG-22/42 when you have a Midas trigger with a nice comfortable shoe plus:

-Adjustable 1st and 2nd Stage

-Adjustable over travel

-Adjustable fore/aft shoe position

-Overall possible adjustment range of about 1.1lb-5+lbs though we do not support any setting lower than 2.5lbs in order to be compliant with SAAMI drop safe specs.

-Available in standard top side thumb safety or bottom style safety*

Fits: All Tikka T3, T3X, T3 CTR

Restrictions: *The bottom mount safety version requires the use of a KRG chassis with the post June'18 trigger guard which provides extra clearance*

Cost: $299 Top safety; $319 bottom saftey

Weight: NA

Made by KRG. Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminum