Spigot Filler/Mag Spacer


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General Information

Spigot Filler / Mag Spacer: This block mounts in the T-channel of the Whiskey-3, X-ray, or TRG-22/42 chassis. It can either act as a filler block for the hole at the front of the chassis, or it can be used to make the Gen 5 Whiskey-3 Chassis for the Rem 700LA take standard .300WM/.338LM mags rather than the CIP length mags it normally takes.

Fits: All Whiskey-3 Chassis, all X-ray Chassis, TRG-22/42. DOES NOT fit Bravo Chassis.

Restrictions: Requires removal of forend to install.

Weight: 0.3oz

Made by KRG. Material: 6061 Al and stainless steel fasteners