Arca Rail XL (KRG)


General Information

The Arca Rail XL is a longer version of the Arca Rail described below. It is for mounting on the Enclosed forend that is an optional item for our chassis.

The KRG Arca rail gives you Arca-Swiss rail functionality for your KRG Whiskey-3, X-ray, or Bravo chassis. It's low profile and light weight and mounts to the bottom of the forend without being obtrusive. There are limitless possibilities for mounting and positioning acessories to your chassis with this rail. Attach your bipod or our Barrier Multi-tool to our Arca Clamp or another brand's clamp and quickly position your item anywhere along the rail, for example. You can easily remove or re-position for the next stage or even during a stage.

Fits: KRG Enclosed Forend only

Restrictions: Use as many fasteners as possible to mount the rail to maintain rigidity.

Weight: 4.8oz

Length: 13.7"

Material: 7075 Aluminum

Made by KRG

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